How to affiliate to NAPCP

  1. With the approval of the National Association, individuals interested in the cause may be granted non-voting membership of the Association and will be required to pay a membership fee as determined by the National Association;
  2. Furthermore voting membership may be granted to any school, workshop, training centre, home, or other institution involved in work for persons with cerebral palsy, approved by the National Association.  Such members will be required to pay the annual affiliation fee as determined by the Association.
  3. The following documentation must be submitted to NAPCP when applicants specified under item (2) are applying for membership:
  • A letter of application stating the reason for the application;
  • Certified copy of NPO certificate;
  • Certificate of registration;
  • Audited financial statements;
  • Composition of Governing Body / Management Committee.

The application, with the supporting documentation, will be submitted to the Management Committee for approval.

Once the application has been approved and the applicant informed of this in writing, the annual application fee, valid from 1 April – 31 March,  must be paid to NAPCP.



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Current Projects

Two projects with the Lottery

Two exciting Lotto projects run by NAPCP are well underway. More news soon.


Professor Faith Bischof serving on the International Affairs Committee (IAC) of the AACPDM

Professor Faith Bischof, Vice Chairman of NAPCP is currently serving on the International Affairs committee (IAC) of the AACPDM...