Vocational Programme

 “Bridging the Gap between school and work” and transitioning to adulthood is often an overwhelming thought for many young people and their parents, even more so for those individuals with disabilities and other special needs.

Often these individuals fall into the “gap” and are isolated from society and reality and because they have not been given the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills or given the opportunity to explore their interest in the job market, they become unemployable as a result of being in the “gap for to long.

The Cerebral Palsy Association (Eastern Cape) started a Vocational Program in January 2006 to assist individuals with cerebral palsy and other specific learning disabilities with the transition from their “protective” school/home environment into the open labour market.

Job placements are arranged in line with the aptitude, skills and competency of the candidates.

It is important to note that this program is a work program and not a school program so candidates together with their parents/caregiver play an active role in their “career development”.

The objective of the program is that after the trial period of (12-18) months the candidate together with assistance from the Cerebral Palsy Association (Eastern Cape) would have sourced employment or created self-employment.

On completion of the program each candidate will “graduate”. As facilitator of the program the Cerebral Palsy Association (Eastern Cape) will monitor each individual’s progress in the open labour market.


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