Community Based Rehabilitation Programme

As part of the community of Pietermaritzburg and surrounding areas, CPA is mindful of the broader socio-economic context of KwaZulu Natal, in a region (DC 22) of increasing poverty and socio-economic challenges and in which statistics reflect that up to 3000 children have disabilities. Although the State through its hospital and clinic systems has at a macro level, the resources to assist families with cerebral palsy and other children affected by other disabilities, the socio-economic context in which most families live inhibits their ability to access such resources – a situation compounded by difficulties in accessing support grants and the means to physically access such hospitals and clinics given the difficulties and expense in transporting children with disabilities. This situation is exacerbated by the impact of HIV/AIDS on families’ social structures and the extended responsibilities of caregivers in the home in attending to more than just the immediate needs of a child affected by cerebral palsy and / or other disabilities.

Given this context and the acknowledgement of limited on-site facilities at the CPA Centre (the school can accommodate a maximum of 27 children), the Pietermaritzburg & District Cerebral Palsy Association has developed a Community Base Rehabilitation Programme to support families with cerebral palsy children living in peri-rural communities surrounding Pietermaritzburg.

The staff complement is as follows:

Community Rehabilitation Workers: Blessing Duma
  Gloria Mchunu


Johannesburg - 21 to 23 May 2018 - Hosted by Muriel Brand School


Current Projects

Two projects with the Lottery

Two exciting Lotto projects run by NAPCP are well underway. More news soon.


Professor Faith Bischof serving on the International Affairs Committee (IAC) of the AACPDM

Professor Faith Bischof, Vice Chairman of NAPCP is currently serving on the International Affairs committee (IAC) of the AACPDM...